I’m a designer passionate about investigating the relationships between human, nature, and technology and how we mutually flourish. I'm currently a UX Designer for public transit systems.

My strength is design strategy: using frameworks and connecting dots to see the big picture.
B.S. and Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University (2022)
I love incorporating futurism, ecology, and systems thinking in my work.
I’ve designed for a variety of domains and modalities. Here are some projects I’d love to share:
Epidemic X

Web design for public health policymakers doing simulation analysis.

Data visualization
Client: Epistemix
JAN-AUG 2022
Robot Anomaly Interface

Smartwatch and tablet interface design for human-robot interaction.

Fullstack UX
Error state design
Client: US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center
SEP 2020-MAY 2021
Peoples' Vertex

An immersive installation simulating the future of vibrant communities.

Speculative design
Client: New Sun Rising
SEP-DEC 2022
Here are some additional design and research projects:
To see more, check out my explorations page :)
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